Allow me to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some of you may already know a great deal about Traditional Chinese Medicine, where others may only know a little. This page was designed to provide you with general information about my background and my qualifications. The links on this page provide general information concerning the two most popular branches of Chinese Medicine: herbal remedies and acupuncture. You will also find a contact page for any additional questions you may have about my practice, setting appointments, or Traditional Chinese Medicine in general.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

For thousands of years, the Chinese have cured their ills by adjusting the energy flow within the body. This energy is called "Chi" and is similar to electricity but it is much smaller sub-atomic particle than an electron. Still the comparison to electricity makes it easier to comprehend. Just as electricity is positive and negative, Chi is Yin and Yang. Just as electricity must flow correctly though your computer without any short circuits, your body’s energy must flow properly though the body if the body is to function. Injuries and illness are marked by disruptions and blockages to the Chi flow. Correcting these short circuits by the use of acupuncture and herbs enables the body to heal itself. These traditional treatments can permanently cure instead of merely treating symptoms. They normally have no side effects. Just as your computers electricity flows through wires, your body’s energy flows through channels called Meridians. Stimulating the precisely correct points along these Meridians by acupuncture helps restore proper energy flow.



The chemistry of the human body is sophisticated and well known. As one would expect you can use herbs to activate it in the regulation of Chi. These herbs have been chosen for their effect on the Chi flow as opposed to the chemicals of Western medicine intended to effect a specific change in the body or to poison an infection. Chinese herbs are extraordinary effective in treating most complaints. A precise combination of specific herbs are mixed together into bags. Each one of these is boiled down to make several cups of "Tea" which one drinks at the prescribed number of times per day. Most brews do not taste bad but they rarely taste good either. Many would describe the taste as bitter. Hold your breath and drink it down fast following up with a Coca-Cola for a chaser and you will have no complaints about the taste.



Traditional Chinese Medicine does not offer "fast, fast, fast relief" in most cases, but it does affect a permanent cure as it addresses the root cause of the illness instead of merely giving symptom relief. It often provides effective were Western medicine has failed. The Chinese have the strongest sense of ethics of any doctors. The barefoot doctor refers to the fact that the doctor will go barefoot before he will charge more than his patients can afford. They insist on curing the patient and consider it a disgrace to the doctor if the patient continues under treatment indefinitely instead of being cured. Putting the patient’s welfare first is not just a slogan to them.