I was born in Guangzhou (formerly Canton), a harbour city in southern China. My family has a long history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and for three generation had practice professionally. Growing up in this environment had a profound influence on me. I began learning the practice at age 14. For several years, I was taught by my father at his clinic. At age 18, I left to attend Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the most prestigious medical colleges in China. Here I stayed for five years, until graduating. During that time period I had the opportunity to study up close and extensively with some of the finest specialist from various styles of Chinese Medicine. Combining the education I received from my family with the training and experiences of medical college, I was ready to practice on my own.

I came to the United States in 1983, initially staying in Vermont under a student exchange. Although I enjoyed my time there, I did not find the weather there especially appealing, so I moved to Atlanta in 1987. I eventually established a Chinese Medical Clinic in Chamblee (north Atlanta) in 1994. Soon after, I was able to set up a second office in Doraville.

Generally, people come to my clinic for chronic problems that have been unresolved for several years by Western medicine. They search for an alternative solution. They also come for acute conditions and general health concerns that Traditional Chinese Medicine is well-equipped and designed to diagnose. Usually, there is an initial consultation using the five diagnostics referred to on the herbal medicine page. After which an individualized prescription will be given. Traditional Chinese Medicine is holistic and integrated. My aim is to cure the whole person and re-establish balance. As you continue throughout my website, I hope that it to be an informative and enjoyable experience. Remember that I am always available for any questions or concerns you may have.