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Therapist name: George Fan Xu, L,Ac. OMD
Education: University of Canton (China) Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Experience: Practice Traditional Chinese Medicine in S.C and GA for 2 years. Three generations of family practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.
Specialty: Treating allergies (Sinuses, asthma, skin diseases, etc.)
Common diseases: Common cold/flu, Anemia, Bells pause, migraine headache, menstrual problems, pain control, diabetes poor circulation, Cancer and its treatment with bad side effects healing. I.M.S

Dr. George Fan Xu is a third generation doctor from Guangzhou (formerly Canton) who began studying under his father when he was 14 and at 18 attended the prestigious Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medical College where he graduated after 5 years of study under some of the best specialists in arioso disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine. He came to the U.S. in 1983 as an exchange student and moved to Atlanta in 1987 where he has established an excellent record as an herbalist and acupuncturist.

Dr. Xu has specialized in respiratory problems such as allergy, asthma, and bronchitis as well as athirst, kidney problems, infertility, and liver problems. He has had good success in curing arthritis and regenerating the cartilage in patients nee thereby enabling them avoid knee replacement surgery. He was very distressed to hear that there are 55,000 knee replacement surgeries each year in America when most of these bad knees could be easily cured by traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr. Xu uses the traditional Chinese diagnosis of Chi pulse, tongue, eyes, and nails to find out what is wrong with the patient and is tireless in studying the attest advances in traditional Chinese medicine. He typifies the traditional barefoot doctor approach to medicine as he always put the patient before money. He takes the time to educate them about their condition and treatment and follows up office visits with phone calls to check on their progress. In the best traditions of Chinese machine he treats case instead of the symptoms and does it without side effects to the patient.